5 Summer Skin Concerns and How to Beat Them

Woman tanning in the summer 5 Summer Skin Concerns and How to Beat Them

Summer is the season of beach days, camping trips, and backyard barbecues. And while these outdoor activities are good for the soul, they can be tough on your skin. Fortunately, a dermatologist can address common skin concerns, so you can look and feel your best. Here are some of the most common summer skin issues to watch out for this season.

Common Sun Skin Damages

Sun Damage

Too much time in the sun can cause a number of skin issues, both short and long term. Tans and sunburns are both signs that the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays have caused damage to your skin cells, which can lead to skin cancer and premature aging. So, be sure to lather on some SPF 30 or higher and stay out of the sun when possible.

If you start to notice wrinkles, sun spots, and hyperpigmentation after a summer in the sun, make an appointment with your dermatologist. They can recommend treatments like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser therapies to address sun damaged skin.


Your favorite summer activities can leave you hot and sweaty. While sweat is your body’s way of keeping you cool, it can also lead to breakouts on the face, back, and chest. This occurs when sweat mixes with oil and bacteria to clog your pores. You can try to prevent these breakouts by changing out of sweaty clothing quickly, cleansing your skin after activities, and wearing breathable fabrics when possible.

A dermatologist can recommend over-the-counter and prescription products to clear up your acne. Acne treatments like facials and chemical peels can also help keep your skin clear.

Heat Rash

Heat rashes appear when sweat becomes trapped in your pores. These skin rashes can feel itchy or prickly. Wearing loose and breathable clothing may help prevent heat rash. It’s also important to change out of sweaty clothing as soon as possible, so sweat doesn’t remain on your skin for long. Keeping your skin cool can help the rash clear more quickly.

Nail Infections

If your pre-vacation manicure or pedicure results in a fungal nail infection, be sure to see your dermatologist as soon as possible. They can prescribe a topical cream to help clear the infection. Nail fungus can be tricky to clear up, so be sure to follow your dermatologist’s instructions carefully and attend all follow-up appointments. As for prevention, it’s important to ensure that any nail salon you visit is following proper sanitation practices.

Plant Rashes

Hiking in the woods and working in the garden can result in uncomfortable plant rashes. Poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac are just some of the plants that may cause an itchy rash on the skin. Learn to identify these plants and look out for them when possible. If you do notice a new rash on your skin, make an appointment with your dermatologist. They can recommend or prescribe a topical ointment to help you find relief.

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