Check Out these Bride-Friendly Pre-Wedding Treatments

Pacific Dermatology Specialists bridal skin care Check Out these Bride-Friendly Pre-Wedding Treatments

Your wedding day is coming up, and all eyes will be on you. You want your skin to look as flawless and glowy as possible. These bride-friendly cosmetic dermatology services can prep your skin for your big day, so you can look and feel stunning.

Chemical Peel

No bride wants dull and uneven skin in her wedding photos. Fortunately, a chemical peel facial treatment can brighten the skin, even out skin tone, and reduce shallow wrinkles before your special day. This treatment can also be effective at reducing the visible signs of sun damage.

It’s typically best to schedule your chemical peel at least one or two months before your wedding, but you should book medium and deep peels even further out. This is because chemical peels can cause skin flaking and readiness. You’ll want to make sure that your skin has time to regenerate before your wedding.

Dermal Fillers

Injectable dermal fillers can smooth out wrinkles and boost facial volume, giving you a youthful glow as you walk down the aisle. Some popular dermal fillers for brides include lip fillers, cheek injections, and fillers around the eyes and mouth. These injections can fill in wrinkles, crows feet, and frown lines before your big day. It’s recommended that you book your fillers at least one month out, so you can avoid any residual bruising on your wedding. Your dermatologist may recommend booking this treatment even sooner if it’s your first time getting fillers, so you can make sure you like the results.


If your skin is feeling dry and congested, talk to a cosmetic dermatologist about microdermabrasion before your wedding. This treatment gently removes the top layer of skin and encourages healthy new growth. Microdermabrasion for acne can be an effective treatment for brides dealing with blemishes in the months leading up to their wedding. Just be sure to book this appointment at least a month before the event. If your skin becomes red or sensitive after, it will have more time to recover.

Laser Therapy

Lasers can be a bride’s best friend, reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, broken blood vessels, shallow wrinkles, acne, scars, and sun spots. Your dermatologist may recommend that you make several laser therapy appointments, starting six months to a year before your wedding. Your specific treatment schedule will depend on the condition you’re targeting. Stick with these appointments, so you can enjoy the best results possible.


Want a little boost right before your wedding? Book a professional facial about two weeks out. This cosmetic treatment can soothe, brighten, and unclog the skin, so you can look gorgeous and glowy. The HydraFacial MD® only takes about 30 minutes, so the appointment can fit into your hectic pre-wedding schedule. And if you’re feeling generous, you can book facials for your bridesmaids as well.

You want to feel beautiful on your wedding day, and the team at Pacific Dermatology is here to make that happen. Our set of cosmetic dermatology services can give you bright and glowing skin before your big day. A licensed dermatologist can set up a treatment schedule that fits your wedding timeline and skin needs, so you can check skin care off your list. We have offices in Downey, CA and the surrounding areas, so you can book your cosmetic treatments at a location near you.

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