Don't Worry About Body Hair During the Holidays. Try Laser Hair Removal.

 Don't Worry About Body Hair During the Holidays. Try Laser Hair Removal.

Many of us grapple with unwanted body hair, and let’s face it -- shaving, plucking, and waxing are time consuming and can deliver subpar results. If you’re looking to get rid of body hair permanently, treat yourself to laser hair removal this holiday season.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

While laser hair removal may sound futuristic, it’s been around longer than you might think, with the earliest devices dating back to the 1960s! The process was approved for permanent hair reduction by the FDA in 1997. Laser hair removal is backed up by decades of research and technological advancements. While there are various types of laser hair removal, they all work in generally the same way. A laser device is applied to the treatment area. The sophisticated laser in the device is able to target specific hairs and expose them to a short burst of intense light. This heat effectively kills the hair follicle, meaning it’s far less likely to grow back. Laser hair removal is versatile and can be used anywhere on the body where you have unwanted hair. Commonly these areas include the bikini line, underarms, legs and arms, face, back, and chest.

Why Should You Try Laser Hair Removal?

Still on the fence about laser hair removal? Laser hair removal can sound a little daunting, but rest assured, it’s a safe and effective way to remove your unwanted body hair. There are different accommodations associated with laser hair removal, depending on your specific needs and the laser technology used. For any laser hair removal process, the treatment area will be cooled prior to and after laser hair removal. Sometimes the laser device itself administers cooling air as it works. In other cases, a cooling gel is applied before and after treatment. Laser technology is precise and tuned to make sure that surrounding tissue is not damaged. That does not mean you won’t feel some discomfort, but it isn’t any worse than plucking or waxing. And did we mention that it can be permanent?

Laser hair removal isn’t one and done, but sessions are roughly an hour long per treatment area (less if it’s a smaller area, sometimes more if it’s larger) and don’t require anesthesia or any downtime. You probably don’t want to engage in vigorous exercise the day of your session, but otherwise you’re good to go. The number of sessions depends on your hair’s thickness and which areas you’re looking to treat. Like we said, the laser kills the hair follicle and reduces the likelihood of it regrowing, but it’s possible it will come back. With multiple, spread out sessions, you can ensure that even the most stubborn follicles are eliminated. Most people require three to six treatments to have permanent results, but you’ll notice reduction much sooner.

Next Steps

So you’re ready to take the plunge; what else is there to know? For one thing, there are many different laser hair removal devices on the market. They are not all made equally. We strive to use the best technology and offer more than one option for laser hair removal. LightSheer is one such treatment that we offer. It is FDA approved and produces permanent results. A newer device called Gentlemax offers laser hair removal with high precision and low discomfort. It’s safe anywhere on the body and is among the gentlest laser hair removal devices out there.

Keep in mind that you should avoid laser hair removal offered by health and beauty spas or nonprofessionals. Your dermatologist has your best interest in mind, not making a profit. If your skin isn’t right for laser hair removal, a doctor will tell you that. It’s not as easy to trust an unqualified person. They also lack the skills that certified dermatologists possess, meaning side effects are far more likely with non-dermatologist providers.

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective treatment for reducing and eliminating body hair permanently. Don’t wait until after the holidays; call us at Pacific Dermatology Specialists today.

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