How Not to Overdo Botox and Fillers

Woman looking in the mirror using botox filler How Not to Overdo Botox and Fillers

Botox injections and dermal fillers can enhance your features and boost your confidence. However, some people might steer clear of these procedures to avoid the dreaded “pillow face.” While it’s common to see overdone Botox and fillers on social media, it’s certainly possible to enjoy natural results. Here are some tips to avoid overdoing it on these treatments.

How to Properly Use Botox and Fillers

Find the Right Provider

Your results start with the right dermatologist. Booking your fillers with an unlicensed esthetician could lead to unnatural results. But when you go to an experienced dermatologist or medical esthetician for your treatments, you can trust their knowledge. The provider will know how and where to place the fillers so you can achieve the results you want.

Know Your Options

Botox and injectable dermal fillers aren’t one-size-fits-all treatments. There are several brands available, and your dermatologist will recommend different products for specific areas of your face. For example, Juvederm® is a popular option for lip injections, while Sculptra® Aesthetic boosts collagen and fills in wrinkles. Book a consultation with your dermatology provider to discuss your filler options.

Discuss Your Expectations

Dermal fillers and Botox are subtle yet effective ways to improve your appearance. However, these treatments don’t always deliver drastic results. When you come to your appointment with realistic expectations, you’re less likely to ask for more filler than you should have.

Whether you know exactly the look you want or are still unsure, your dermatology provider will manage your expectations. This is why it’s helpful to book a consultation before committing to fillers or Botox. The dermatologist or medical esthetician can show you before and after photos of popular filler types, as well as Botox injections.

Start Slow

Remember, it’s better to build up to your desired result rather than overshooting. Consider starting with a small enhancement to one area of your face, such as the lips. You can then work with your dermatologist to decide whether you’d like to enhance the lips more or add filler in another area of the face.

In terms of Botox, you might start with injections in your laugh lines and later opt for injections between your eyebrows. Starting slow and learning how your face responds is a great way to avoid overdoing it, especially for beginners.

Enjoy Your Results

It’s possible to be underwhelmed by your injections when leaving the cosmetic center only to fall in love with your results a few days later. So try to give yourself some time to enjoy your results. Natural enhancements from Botox and fillers might be just enough to boost your confidence, and you can maintain them by attending your follow-up appointments.

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