How to Get the Perfect Glow for Independence Day Without Hurting Your Skin

Women with clear skin in the summer How to Get the Perfect Glow for Independence Day Without Hurting Your Skin

Summertime barbecues and beach parties are here, and feeling your best for these events means feeling confident in your skin. Fortunately, you can enjoy a glowing complexion with cosmetic dermatology treatments and some simple at-home care. Here are some ways to give your skin a boost before independence day.

How to Get Glowing Skin

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel facial treatment removes the outer layer of skin to reveal brighter skin underneath. During this treatment, a dermatologist or medical esthetician will apply a chemical solution to the skin. They will leave the solution on for a specific amount of time before neutralizing and removing it. The superficial layer of skin will start to slough off in the days to weeks following treatment.

Your dermatologist may recommend a chemical peel to improve the skin’s overall texture or address pigmentation irregularities. Skin concerns like shallow wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, acne, and mild scarring can also respond well to this treatment.


Another superficial peeling treatment, dermatologist microdermabrasion is both gentle and effective. During this treatment, a dermatology provider will use a small tool to rub or spray tiny crystals onto the skin. This removes the dead skin on the surface to reveal more radiant skin underneath.

This treatment is a great option if you’re struggling with acne, fine lines, and pigmentation irregularities. However, you might schedule routine microdermabrasion appointments to prep your skin for other types of skin treatments.

Clinical Facials

Need to give your skin a boost in a pinch? Schedule a clinical facial. The HydraFacial MD® can improve skin texture, remove skin congestion, and improve elasticity. During the treatment, a skin professional uses a facial tool to cleanse, extract impurities, and exfoliate the skin. And since facials require little downtime, they’re a great way to improve your skin’s appearance the week before an event.

While a hydrafacial often provides instant results, you may want to schedule routine treatments to maintain your glow. How often you come in for a hydrafacial will depend on your specific skin concerns. Dermatologists may recommend that clients schedule facials anywhere from every two weeks to every few months.

At-Home Care

While cosmetic dermatology treatments are safe and effective ways to improve your complexion, at-home care is another essential part of the equation. Work with your dermatologist this summer to create a skin care routine that matches your skin’s needs. They might recommend topical treatments like retinoids to boost your skin’s radiance. Finding the right moisturizer is also key to maintaining a glow. And of course, don’t forget your sunscreen.

It can also be helpful to talk to your dermatologist about which lifestyle habits will contribute to your skin’s appearance. Drinking enough water, eating fruits and vegetables, and exercising are part of your overall health and contribute to the health of your skin.

Everyone’s skin is unique. The team at Pacific Dermatology Specialists is here to provide the perfect combination of cosmetic treatments to address your skin concerns and help boost your skin’s appearance. We have dermatology and cosmetic centers in Seal Beach, CA and other communities in the Greater Los Angeles area, and we offer cosmetic, medical, and surgical treatments to support your skin health. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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