Why a Body Hair Removal Treatment Is Just What You Need This Spring

 Why a Body Hair Removal Treatment Is Just What You Need This Spring

As the winter layers come off, you might not feel ready to show off your skin this spring. Shaving and waxing can be tedious, potentially leaving your skin bumpy and irritated. Fortunately, you have other hair removal options. Here’s why spring is the perfect time to schedule laser treatment for hair removal at a dermatology and cosmetic center.

Prep for Vacation

Spring break sneaking up on you? Consider scheduling a laser hair removal session to get swimsuit-ready. You’ll notice the hair falling out within a month of your first appointment, but this typically happens within 10 to 14 days. So, be sure to schedule your treatment far enough ahead. Your dermatologist can tell you what to expect based on your hair texture and area they’ll be treating.

Feel Confident for Summer

Even if you’re not going on a springtime vacation, summer is right around the corner. Enter beach season feeling your best by scheduling a hair removal treatment sooner rather than later. Starting your treatments now means you won’t be scrambling when summer starts, and you can continue treatments through the season.

Feel Your Best at Home

Remember: You don’t need a beach vacation or night on the town to look and feel your best. A laser hair removal treatment will give you a boost, even if you’re just hanging out on the couch. No matter your plans, this season is the perfect time to give yourself some much-needed pampering.

Cover Up Before Treatment

Your cosmetic dermatology provider will likely ask you to avoid shaving and other at-home hair removal prior to your first laser treatment. This allows your hair to grow long enough for removal. And while you might cringe at throwing out your razor, you can still cover up without overheating in the spring. Your dresses and swimsuits can wait until you’ve completed your first treatment.

Enjoy Easy Attercare

Laser hair removal makes your skin more sensitive to the sun’s UV rays, so you’ll need to take extra care to avoid sun damage after treatment. Wearing protective clothing and staying out of the sun is essential to protect your skin. And fortunately, you can comfortably cover up and stay inside this spring without missing out on fun in the sun.

Start a Treatment Schedule

Remember that while you’ll see results after your first hair removal session, you’ll need around four to six sessions to see long-term results. Your dermatologist will space out these sessions about every four to six weeks, depending on your specific hair removal needs. Spring is a great time to start your laser hair removal treatment schedule, since you’ll likely be done with treatment by the following spring.

If you’re ready to treat yourself to laser hair removal this spring, the team at Pacific Dermatology Specialists has you covered. With locations in Carson, CA and other communities around the Greater Los Angeles area, we offer laser hair removal among our wide selection of cosmetic dermatology services. Our dermatologists also provide medical and surgical services to care for your skin’s health. Contact us today to get started.

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