Why Winter Is the Perfect Time to Start Tattoo Removal

Woman with a tattoo sitting on a cliff Why Winter Is the Perfect Time to Start Tattoo Removal

If an embarrassing tattoo held you back from hitting the beach last summer, it might be time to make a change. Through a series of laser tattoo removal treatments, you can fade your tattoo and regain your confidence by next summer. Here’s why winter is the perfect time to schedule tattoo removal at a cosmetic dermatology clinic.

The Benefits of Tattoo Removal

Planning Ahead

Complete laser tattoo removal takes about six to eight sessions with at least six weeks in between, and this varies depending on the size, shape, and color of the tattoo. So, you likely won’t see results if you book your first appointment right before summer. Starting treatment in the winter can yield results before summer. However, your dermatologist will estimate how many sessions you might need for full removal.

Winter Layers

You might not want to show off a fading tattoo. And by scheduling tattoo removal in the winter, you won’t have to. Sweaters, jeans, gloves, and scarves will conceal your tattoos as you complete treatment, so you can keep that progress under wraps. You’ll be ready to break out your sundresses and swimsuits once summer arrives.

Sun Protection

This tattoo removal method can leave your skin vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays. Fortunately, you won’t be having much fun in the sun during the winter. More time indoors, winter layering, and cloudy days can shield this newly sensitive skin from irritation and scarring. However, be sure to cover up your healing skin when traveling to a warmer climate.

Less Shaving

You might experience some side effects after your tattoo removal appointments, including pain and swelling. Scabbing and blistering are also common after laser tattoo removal. With some simple aftercare, you can prevent itchiness, infections, and scarring. However, shaving can remove the scabs and irritate the blisters. Since you’re not showing off your skin in the winter, you can also avoid shaving to protect your healing skin.

Chilly Weather

If you choose to schedule laser tattoo removal in the summertime, you will have to stay out of the pool for a while. Chlorine and other pool chemicals can irritate the healing skin, and submerging the skin can cause dryness. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about missing out on pool time when scheduling your appointments in the winter. Your skin should be healed enough to jump in the pool this summer.

Peace of Mind

Cosmetic dermatology services should help you feel your best. These treatments shouldn’t stress you out. By scheduling your tattoo removal appointments six months before summer, you can relax as you enjoy results. You might even want to add on a few more skin treatments to ease your mind even more.

If you’re interested in getting a tattoo removed before summer, contact the team at Pacific Dermatology Services. With locations in Long Beach, CA and other communities in the Greater Los Angeles Area, we’re proud to offer safe and effective laser tattoo removal for our clients. Our providers will set up a treatment schedule for you and answer any questions you may have. Reach out today to book a consultation.

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